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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary Argouml module featuring PetriNets
Category design
License BSD License
Owner(s) delatour, imfred, n00n

Message from the owner(s)

There is no more development on ArgoPNO. Our major goal was to produce a prototype in order to test our ideas. This goal has been reached. If someone wannt to continue the development, feel free to contact us.


ArgoPNO is a set of modules that want to adapt ArgoUML for the design of Real-time systems.

We use UML and Petri Nets. Our propositions are mainly based on the UML/PNO approach.

UML/PNO is a methodology developped by the LAAS research center to develop Real Time systems using UML and Petri Nets. Jerome Delatour was involved in that work. In UML/PNO, UML diagrams are used for structuring the system and Petri Nets represents its dynamic behaviour.

The Petri Nets used in UML/PNO are called timed Predicate/Transition. They can modelise time constraints on Places and Transitions.


The project first started as a school project with five students : Thibault Demartial, Antoine Jalabert, Fr�d�ric Jouault, Yves-Emmanuel Jutard and Florent de Lamotte from ESEO. The goal of the school project was to show that the work was possible. We made a simple diagram as a module showing a Petri Net but in fact it was just another representation for state machines.

Current state of the work

ArgoPNO is now divided into two modules :

  • ArgoPN, a Petri Net diagram for ArgoUML.
  • ArgoCO, a component diagram for ArgoUML.
This way, people that are only interested in features provided by only one of the module will be able to use only this module.


Florent de Lamotte is currently working on ArgoPN, a module that adds Petri Nets to ArgoUML.

For the moment we only have implemented one Petri Net diagram into ArgoUML, this diagram represents B/W Petri Nets (a very simple Petri Net in fact).

Petri Nets edited with ArgoPN can be linked to Classifiers from the model to represent their behaviour (like State Sharts). Elements from the Petri Net can then be assigned methods from the classifier.

ArgoPN can also be used with another module for ArgoUML : ArgoFMC.


Frederic Jouault is currently working on ArgoCO, a component diagram for ArgoUML.


  • ArgoPNO documentation on how to install and use ArgoPNO
  • Documentation about ArgoUML developement (in french only)


Check Shared Files to find released versions of ArgoPNO.

You can also download source code via cvs.

Related resources

  • ArgoUML, find more aboute this fantastic CASE tool.
  • Petri Net World, to find more about what are Petri Nets
  • The LAAS research center and the OSCD[fr] group where UML/PNO was born.
  • Our school ESEO.
  • ArgoFMC project page.